Photo stream

  • 10 September
  • «Detroit Future City (DFC) Project», Lecture by Kyle Polk

    PS2 - University research: evaluation, funding, collaboration and commercialization

    PS3 - Developing an Infrastructure for new links between academia and industry

    PS4 - The role of innovation theory in spurring innovation-based economic growth: better understanding – better life?

    PS5 - Academic inventors, S&T; university indicators and spin-offs

    Panel discussion 1: «University economic impact»

    Panel discussion 2: «University-business collaboration: cooperative education»

    Workshop 3: Biomedical innovations management: Russian and world cases

  • 12 September
  • Welcome coffee

    Workshop 5: Thingtank: Thingtank-driven innovation

    Workshop 6: Expanding the TripleHelix to manage the Balance Sheet of the earth

    Workshop 7: Creating value for local, global and sector impact: analyzing and leveraging the power of relationship networks

    Panel discussion 3: «The Triple Helix and rise of new high technology industries»

    Panel discussion 4: «Triple Helix and science & education policy»

    PS6 – Developing an infrastructure for new links between academia and industry

    PS7 – The models of entrepreneurial universities

    PS8 - Triple Helix model in developing countries: catching or unique way?

    PS9 - Entrepreneurship as the key element of innovation based economic growth

    PS10 - Innovation in industry and R&D-active; firms

    Plenary session 2: « The Triple Helix and the new role of government»

    Meeting of companies of innovation territorial cluster of Tomsk region «Pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and information technology» with MediaX

    Lecture for biotech startups

    Workshop 8: The involvement of universities into social entrepreneurship

    Workshop 9: Grassroots innovation: prospects for the Triple Helix model

    PS11 – Government support of innovative business and development of IT-Industry

    PS12 - Technology transfer

    PS14 - Dimensions of studying and building innovation clusters: European lessons

  • 13 September
  • Panel discussion 5: « Role of innovation theory in spurring innovation-based economic growth: better understanding – better life?»

    Workshop 10: Government as a partner for innovative development and cluster sustainability

    Workshop 11: The challenges for University-Industry Partnership

    Meeting of task force on «Development of innovation ecosystems and advanced technologies»

    PS15 – Triple Helix and Cluster policy: building innovation clusters

    Panel discussion 6: «City innovation policy and Innovation district»

    Closing plenary session. Presentation of the next XIII Triple Helix Conference