Conference venues

The main locations of the Conference venues refer to three key elements of the Triple Helix – universities, government and business.

1 Day, September 11. The Conference will take place on the territory of Tomsk universities. There are six public universities in Tomsk and they play significant role in the city and regional development. Thanks to that Tomsk got the informal name – "Siberian Athens". Tomsk State University (TSU) is the oldest university and in 2013 it turned 135 years. It was founded in 1878 and became the first university in Siberia. The youngest university is Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics (TUSUR). Two years ago it celebrated its 50-years anniversary. Thanks to a numerous number of students and young scientists, Tomsk takes the second place in the leading number of Ph.D. candidates and Doctors of Sciences in Russia.

TUSUR, Scientific council hall (40 Lenin Prospect)

Tomsk State University Scientific Library, Conference-hall (34a Lenin Prospect)

TSU, Main building, 2 floor, Conference-hall (36 Lenin Prospect)

TSU, Main building, 2 floor, Audience 209 (36 Lenin Prospect)

TSU, Building 4 (8 Moskovskiy Trakt Street)

Tomsk State University Scientific Library, Roundtable hall (34a Lenin Prospect)

House of Scientists, Roundtable hall (45 Sovetskaya Street)

House of scientists, Conference-hall (45 Sovetskaya Street)

Siberian Physical-Technical Institute, 2 floor, (1 Novosobornaya Square)


2 Day, September 12. Location of the second day is dedicated to the government branch of the Triple Helix and situated in the Gubernatorial Square. The key events will be held in the main Building of Regional Administration and A. S. Pushkin Tomsk Regional Universal Scientific Library.

Tomsk Region Administration plays a huge role in innovation development of region and country in general. Tomsk region was the first region in Russia which launched the innovation activity act in 1999 and the strategy of innovation development in 2003. Since 2011 the Region Administration has been carrying out the project aimed to create the federal center of education and R&D "INO Tomsk 2020". This project includes 5 key directions: "Advanced manufacturing", "Smart city", "Innovative environment", "Science and education", "Technological innovations".

Pushkin's Tomsk Scientific Library is the largest public library in the city. It hosts various events such as book presentations, book fairs, meetings and discussions with scientists, technology entrepreneurs, writers, artists and many other events.

Tomsk Region Administration, Conference hall (6 Lenin Square)

Pushkin's Tomsk Scientific Library, Conference-hall (14 Karl Marx Street)

Pushkin's Tomsk Scientific Library, Event hall (14 Karl Marx Street)

Tomsk Region Administration, Roundtable hall (6 Lenin Square)

Regional Department of Architecture and Construction (78 Lenin Prospect)

Nuclear Energy Information Center (8 Lenin Square)

Tomsk College of Music named after E.V. Denisov, Crystal Hall (111 Lenin Prospect)


3 Day, September 13. The third day of the Conference will be arranged on Special Economic Zone territory. It was founded in 2005 as important and necessary element of innovation infrastructure of the region. Today high-tech companies operated in the sphere of nanotechnologies and new materials, biotechnology, IT and electronics, resource saving technologies are among the residents of SEZ.

Tomsk Special Economic Zone, Engineering building (3 Razvitiya Prospect)