Call for thematic workshop

1. Applications for thematic workshops

We are looking for experts (discussants and chairs) in the areas of the sub-themes of the XII Triple Helix Conference 2014. Your applications can be submitted by email to: Please, send your letter entitled as «Workshop application».

Please, include in your application following information:

  • Workshop title
  • Information about an expert (full name, place of work or study, area of interest, contact and short professional bio (no more than 1 page))
  • Workshop outline
  • Key questions to be addressed
  • Additional info up to workshop’s organizer

Submission of applications is open until 15 June 2014. Accepted applications will be reviewed by the THC14 Scientific Committee and will be confirmed by 01 July 2014.

2. Thematic workshops format

There can be two formats of workshop:

– one speaker presentation and his communication with audience;

– key speaker presentation, with speeches of 2-3 invited experts and debates on workshop issue.

You can also apply as a participant in debates of the workshop.

The thematic workshops will be organized as 80 minutes-events within the framework of the conference, with the participation of 3-4 discussants, a moderator and a broad range of visiting audience. The format will include both Power Point presentations and moderated discussion. Active interaction with the audience is strongly encouraged.

We would also appreciate if you could contribute to organizing workshop in terms of financial support.

3. Contact

For further information, please contact:
Scientific Committee